Assessment Tool

An assessment tool

This assessment tool will help you decide if network marketing is for you. It contains critical

steps that will give you things to consider both about yourself and the industry.  Prepared by  John Meatte

How can this assessment tool help me?

The purpose of this tool is to assist you in analyzing a network marketing opportunity. Several

people may have already contacted you offering different opportunities and encouraging you

to join their specific business. Most will say that their opportunity will work perfectly for you

and your family. But the fact is that every opportunity does not work for everyone. Only you

will know if the opportunity is the right fit for you, not the person on the other end of the line.

Armed with the key questions to ask in the steps below, you will be able to determine which

opportunity fits you and your family’s values and current situation. Serious or curious, your

due diligence and homework starts now. Finding the right business takes time and effort and

is, by far, the single most important step in the process. But it’s worth the effort, for it will

allow you to make a decision with confidence and commitment. Take no shortcuts during this


It is important to make an informed decision… but DON’T GET

STUCK in analysis paralysis. Successful business people make

informed, well-considered decisions. But they know when the

time has come to decide.



If you are being manipulated or rushed, you will end up missing something and you will

ultimately be the one who loses. Also, don’t let emotions get in the way of good decision

making. Some dangerous emotions on which to base decisions are: fear of the unknown;

fear of your abilities; skepticism about the network marketing industry; greed; and excitement

based on get-rich-quick promises.


Step One: Self-Evaluation

Please be honest – there are no wrong answers (please insert your answers)

1. What do you like doing that might help you in a business (e.g. talking with people,

organization, helping people, social media, using internet tools)?


2. What strengths and qualities do I have that would help me to be successful in my home based



3. What do I not like doing (sales, bugging friends and family, sales parties)?


4. What have I tried in the past and how did it turn out?


5. What are my weaknesses that might affect my business success?


6. Am I a self-starter?


7. Can I make decisions and stick with them?


8. Do I keep my word?


9. Am I a leader? If not, am I prepared to develop myself into a leader with the right training?


10. Do I stick with things even when the going gets tough?


NOTE: After your contact has received your Step One answers and discussed them

with you, you and your contact can decide whether to send you opportunity

information for your consideration.


Step Two: Company Evaluation

Ask your contact these questions. If you are uncomfortable with the answer you

receive, say so and ask for clarification.

1. How long has the company been in business and how is it funded?

2. Who are the people behind the company?

3. What kind of support tools and systems does the company offer?

4. How will I earn money (e.g. wholesale, bonuses, commissions)?

5. How often do I get paid and how do I receive my money?

6. How large can I build my business and what, if any, limitations are there on my business


7. Is there a compensation plan structure that I can review online?


Step Three: Your Financial Evaluation

You MUST know what you are financially getting yourself involved in. Ask

yourself and your contact these questions.



2. What are the STARTUP COSTS (e.g. monthly costs such as phone, internet, product


3. How much do I want to earn each month and how quickly can I get there?

4. Can my budget afford for me to pursue this opportunity?

5. Is there a business plan and recommended marketing plan to get me started quickly?


Step Four: Evaluating Your Contact

Ask your contact these questions.


1. How long have you been with the company? If he/she is relatively new, ask how long their

sponsor has been with the company.

2. What do you like about being with the company?

3. What do you not like about the company?

4. What is your level of commitment to your business and team?

5. How often do you attend events and meetings to further your personal development?

6. How would you describe yourself as a leader to your team?


Step Five: Establishing Your Expectations & Commitment Level

Ask yourself and your contact these questions.

1. What, where, when, why and how will you do what ever your business calls for?

Ask the question and the response should be specific: what am I going to do,

day-to-day, to operate this business?

2. Give yourself and your contact enough time to allow you to experience the day-to-day

business operation… just like test driving a car.

3. Ask to listen in on Three-Way conversations so you can hear your potential

sponsor and his/her team conducting day to day business.

4. Will you commit to staying in regular contact with your sponsor and return calls and emails

in a timely manner?

5. Will you commit to undertaking necessary (typically free) training and personal

development while building your business?

6. Are you committed to your own personal and business growth?


Step Six: Evaluating the Training

Effective and affordable SYSTEMS-BASED training is key to being successful in

network marketing. If the company does not offer established training systems,

consider this a reason to rethink your decision to move forward with them.


1. Is the training comfortable for you? Does it fit you? If not, why?

2. Every company has a SYSTEM; can it be duplicated by YOU?

3. Make sure you are not alone for the first 90 days and beyond that if necessary.

4. Demand to know who in your potential up line is successful.

5. Can you talk with them and how will they support you? Be specific.

6. Make sure the opportunity you are reviewing is WORTHY of you.


Step Seven: Asking the most important question



Are you Ready?

Your success has to do with your attitudes and thoughts, your decisions and most of all – your

actions. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.


Now is the time to get started.

Take the first step towards achieving the life of your dreams